Terms & Conditions

UNIFORM: For all students who join our stage schools the dress code is BLACK and children must wear PLAIN comfortable clothes in this colour (no jeans please). The only compulsory items of uniform are our own logo t-shirt & black jazz shoes or jazz sneakers.  Jazz shoes are safe & easy to move in which is why we require all students to wear them. We sell jazz shoes, customised t-shirts & a full uniform kit which can be ordered directly from us.

MONITORING YOUR CHILD’S PROGRESSION: Parents will have the opportunity (scheduled in the year) to meet their child’s teachers or school managers to discuss how they’re progressing.  TTW staff are always available for mentoring & career advice, so are welcome to come to the office at any point in the year when is suitable for the manager/creative director and the student.  Speak to your school manager for details or contact us in the office.

SECURITY AND CHILD PROTECTION: No child will be allowed out of the building unsupervised under the age of 16yrs (unless parental permission is given) so please come to reception to drop off & collect your child. All of our staff have enhanced DBS certificates & all performances are staffed by Licensed Chaperones as per Government Legislation for Child Protection in public performance venues.

PERFORMANCE: We work hard to provide performance opportunities (often with professionals) in addition to the weekly classes. Opportunities may also arise from time to time for the children to work with professional companies such as visiting shows, radio plays, etc. All such work will be offered at the discretion of the Agency & our Stage Schools. Occasional theatre visits are also arranged.

AGENCY & PROFESSIONAL WORK: Students may be invited to audition for our associated agency after one term of training with us.  This is at our discretion & following observation in our classes & discussing student potential with our teachers.  The Agency will decide who they wish to sign onto their books – the final choices lie with them, not TTW.  If the Agency runs an audition workshop, they dictate how the workshop will be run.  From time to time, the Agency may contact TTW for suggestions for specific auditions.  TTW may suggest students even if they are not represented by the agency.  Professional castings & auditions also come into the TTW office directly & TTW will suggest students that they deem suitable.

PHOTOGRAPHY, SOCIAL MEDIA & FILMING: The Theatre Workshop reserves the right to use professional photos taken of all students past & present in classes & in productions on publicity materials such as our website and leaflets. Professional Headshots are taken annually by our photographer & can be purchased by parents if required.

The Theatre Workshop reserves the right to use photographs of past & present students on its official social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram for the purposes of sharing information, promoting events and for publicity.  The Theatre Workshop reserves the right to use footage (filmed in-house or by a professional filmographer) of past & present students on its social media outlets for publicity purposes.

CHAPERONES: We request that ONE PARENT OR FAMILY MEMBER per family nominate themselves to become a volunteer licensed chaperone. There is no cost involved or a small cost depending on your local authority. Any parent who helps supervise children at TTW any point must be a licensed chaperone. 

FEES: FEES ARE PAYABLE IN ADVANCE STRICTLY ON A TERMLY BASIS. All fees are to be paid on the 1ST WEEK OF TERM, however other payment plans are available should you require it. Please contact the office for further details. We offer a 50% discount for the 1st sibling & then 25% on further siblings for the main school and 20% discount for Weeny siblings. Please note that when a place is unavailable the applicant will be placed on our waiting list & we will inform you as soon as a place becomes available.

CANCELLATION OF THEATRE WORKSHOP CLASSES: If any classes have to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances TTW will endeavour to make these up. This will either be in a physical face to face class or in another format, such as online learning. In the rare event that a class can not be made up in any form, then TTW will provide a full refund. If, however, a make up session has been offered, in any format, a refund will not be available.

NOTICE TO LEAVE ANY THEATRE WORKSHOP CLASSES: WE REQUIRE HALF A TERMS NOTICE IN WRITING SHOULD YOUR CHILD DECIDE TO LEAVE ANY TW CLASSES. Once a student joins any of our classes, this contract (application form) is ongoing & assumed to run on from term to term unless due notice is given as above. If a student leaves ANY OF THE CLASSES THEY SIGN UP TO without notice being given, then half a term’s fees must be paid in lieu of notice. Failure to pay any fees owed will be referred to our Solicitor & action taken to recoup funds as necessary. THESE CONDITIONS APPLY TO ALL TTW SCHOOL STUDENTS.

PRIVATE LESSON TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Please be aware that lessons are scheduled at the beginning of each term for all students. It the tutor cancels for any reason the class will be made up at a later date or the class will be refunded. If the student cancels but gives 48 hours’ notice and a student can take their lesson, then the lesson will be made up at a later date. If the student cancels in less than 48 hours then no make-up lesson will be offered unless the tutor is happy to do so, but this is often extremely difficult. Advanced Academy students are expected to organise their own lesson swaps where possible but please always notify us of these by emailing nikki@thetheatreworkshop.com so that we know who to expect for lessons. All cancellations should be made via email to nikki@thetheatreworkshop.com or to the work mobile 07746 295665 if less than 48 hours’ notice is being given.

DISCIPLINE: At all our stage schools, we reserve the right to dismiss any child who becomes disruptive or behaves inappropriately. As recommended by East Sussex County Council, we operate a Yellow Card system to ensure there is good discipline at all times. If a child is found to be disruptive they will be given a Yellow Card warning which will be kept on record. If any student is given 3 such warnings within a year they will be asked to leave the school. This situation is very rare as our professional team of teachers is experienced & reasonable in its approach to achieving a professional, inspiring & fun-filled working environment for our students. Good timekeeping, a consistent uniform dress code, tidy folders containing all song lyrics & scripts given out by our teachers, & particularly excellent behaviour on professional jobs are an essential ingredient of our unique training. By the way, they also have a great time and lots of fun!!

PRIVACY NOTICE: TTW reserve the right to keep on file, all students details as per their application form, for the duration of the student’s time with us. This information will be used to inform students of TTW related notices via email, text and letter. Once student data has been filed, all application forms will be shredded, except for the signed T&C’s. Once a student leaves TTW, their details will be taken off the system, unless previously specified. TTW reserve the right to share this information within the company, to School Managers, Chaperones and Tutors, as they see fit.

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