Theatre school: London Road Weeny Workshop, Saturdays 4-6yrs

Time: 9:00am - 10:10am

The Brighton Academy
19a Shaftesbury Pl,
Brighton and Hove,

The Weeny Workshop is The Theatre Workshop’s introductory performing arts class for children aged 4-6 years. If your little one loves singing in the car, dancing around in the kitchen and generally perform their way through the day… Weenies if for them! For all your singing, acting and dancing desires come to the Weeny Workshop! A fantastic way to start the Theatre School journey or just for some fun performing and imaginative exploration.

Weenies At Home

Progress can be monitored through our Workshop Wallets; interactive folders containing their projects and reward charts. Weenies receive achievement stickers and The Theatre Workshop Bear to take home for adventuress for the week. This encourages them to contribute and show off their newfound skills.

If you have a burning desire to perform, want to find some confidence and meet new friends, whilst being trained by the most inspiring teachers out there – The Theatre Workshop is for you.

Classes available at London Road Weenies, Saturdays:

Weeny Workshop: 9:00- 10:10 AM

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