Private tuition in Acting

Drama is a skill set that is both advantageous and strengthening to all individuals and characters. During these 1-2-1 classes, there is the opportunity to work on LAMDA exams, acting technique, audition preparation for Drama school or castings . The students are helped to develop his or her potential for self-expression and communication and understand and appreciate the art of acting.

  • increase their ability to communicate verbally and physically think imaginatively
  • concentrate
  • play
  • feel and understand emotions

Available at all schools in Sussex, The Midlands & Jersey

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A LAMDA exam is the speech and drama equivalent of a music grade, which begin at basic levels and culminates at Grade 8. The exams use performance to develop self confidence, physical presence and a strong speaking voice. LAMDA exams cover a range of disciplines including. Acting. Speaking Verse & Prose.

LAMDA exams count towards the UCAS points total and can also the can give your child extra confidence in their university interview and future university career.

“LAMDA Exams are about achievement and empowerment. We’ve been helping learners all over the world develop into confident speakers since the 1880s. As qualifications have moved on over the years, our principal aim remains the same: to provide all people with the opportunity to improve self-expression, self-assurance and, most importantly, have fun. ” LAMDA.AC.UK

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