Goodbye Rosetta On Sale

HUNGRY WOLF VYT are gearing up for the very first performance of GOODBYE ROSETTA!

GOODBYE ROSETTA – Be taken on a journey of self-discovery in this bitter-sweet coming of age tale.

In support of Ditch The Label, Hungry Wolf present the debut production of Goodbye Rosetta, a play bringing awareness of the issues of mental health in young people. Written exclusively for Hungry Wolf VYT this is a never-seen-before production!

In this age of anxiety, depression and loneliness Goodbye Rosetta tackles the issue of teenage mental health with sensitivity & wit. Performed by a cast of nine, Goodbye Rosetta takes us on a journey of self discovery as a group of misfits, with a little help from the stars,  navigate their way through the disarray caused by an emotional breakdown. This coming of age tale tells the story of a group of teens on the verge of adulthood.

On the day writer Katherine Manners started her research, the Rosetta space probe crashed into the Comet67P. It had been travelling to, and orbiting the comet, for 12 years. “There was something so inherently dramatic about that story, something heroic and tragic and self sacrificing, and confirmed a hunch that space held a great many metaphors for depression.” Katherine Manners

Inspired by this cosmic sacrifice and Matt Haig Goodbye Rosetta was born. Written exclusively for Hungry Wolf Visionary Youth Theatre, Goodbye Rosetta was developed by 30 young actors in collaboration with writer, Katherine Manners & Director, Conor Baum. Hungry Wolf VYT strive to give young people a voice creating current and cutting edge theatre. From the producers of hit play ‘Runts’ Hungry Wolf VYT return to Brighton Fringe Festival to premier this original piece of new writing.

Listings information

Venue: The Blockhouse, The Warren

Dates: 1/2/3 June

Time: 20:00

Tickeprices: £10 / concessions £8.50

Venues box office: 01273 987 516 /

Fringe box office:

Advisory Suitable for ages 14 +