Spotlight On… Reece Pockney! Biscuits & Star Wars!

As part of our ongoing ‘Spotlight’ series we interviewed Brighton student, Reece Pockney to find out a little more about his love for performing arts and to ask who he’s been rubbing shoulders with so far in his professional career!

TTW: Hi Reece!  Thanks for agreeing to answer our ‘Spotlight’ questions!  An easy one to start with…how did you get into performing arts?

REECE: I always liked playing funny characters and my Mum entered me into a competition to be a model for Next, which I won!  From that I got an agent and discovered I liked acting more than modelling and it went from there.

TTW: What was your first audition like?

REECE: I can’t really remember my first audition as I was only 5!  I remember that it was a bit scary but fun. I got the job, and it was a TVC for Argos.

TTW: What was it like on your first professional performing job?

REECE: It was exciting to see lots of cameras and lights, and there were loads of biscuits!

TTW: What’s your favourite performing arts subject?

REECE: Acting.

TTW: What is your favourite thing about doing professional performing jobs?

REECE: Being on set and meeting new people.

TTW: What is your dream acting role?

REECE: A lead role in a Sci-Fi type feature film like Star Wars!

TTW: Do you have a favourite film/TV show or musical?

REECE: Impractical Jokers, The Flash & Modern Family.

TTW: Are there any things about performing that you don’t enjoy?!

REECE: Performing sometimes means missing out on other stuff.

TTW:  Yes, it takes commitment (as you know)!  There must be rewards – have you met any famous people?

REECE: Bear Grylls, David Bradley, Mark Gatniss, Lesley Manville, Jessica Raine, Danny Dyer, Sharon Hogan, Rob Delaney, Max Irons, James Frain, Amanda Hale, the cast of Casualty & Doctors.

TTW: Wow, that’s a lot of famous faces!  Okay, final question…what do enjoy doing outside of the performing world – any favourite hobbies?

REECE: Yes!  I enjoy YouTube, drawing, Lego & swimming.

TTW: Well, thanks for your time, Reece.  We look forward to hearing about your future roles as we are sure there will be more!

If you think your child has the potential to work professionally in the performing arts industry then speak to your school manager about our associated talent agents.  The Theatre Workshop works with the best in the industry and can offer advice and guidance for when those castings and auditions come in!