Spotlight On…logan Brewer!

Back in Spring 2015, Logan Brewer (Brighton Saturday morning school) filmed a TV Commercial for Cadbury’s.  His mum, Victoria very kindly wrote a blog for us and we wanted to share it with you all!  It’s a great insight into what happens on a film set.

“This was Logan’s first professional filming experience and he was very excited!  The commercial was for a new Cadbury’s chocolate bar called ‘Puddles’.  We did some research and the press release said this:

“The shape of the new tablet will reignite memories of childhood fun and carefree moments of jumping in puddles and will bring a light-hearted feeling to the category”.

Logan’s shoot was to be one part of a montage of different locations from around the country.  His location was Hendon Street in Brighton.  Half the street had been cleared of vehicles apart from the three lorries and trailer containing all the filming equipment.  Two lorries were needed for the lighting and camera equipment, one was for props and the trailer contained enormous mirror panels, which they laid on low palettes against the edge of the pavement.  These mirrors were to represent the puddles, although they remained dry for the shoot and the water was added later.

On our arrival we saw that there was no film crew, as they had been delayed at another location.  It was another two and half hours before they came.  Logan learnt very quickly that there is a good deal of waiting time on a set and how important it is to have things with you to keep you amused!  He was very grateful that he had brought along his new 3DS game!

The film crew arrived and Logan had to get into costume.  His character was a footballer coming home from a game, looking a bit scruffy and mucky.  The costume lady, Alex, had an enormous bag full of potential tops and shorts.  Logan tried on about eight different tops and photos of these were emailed to see which one would be chosen.  In the end they went for a blue T-shirt with black shorts.  Alex had also stained the white socks with tea and she brought a bag of mud to rub on Logan’s clothes and knees to make him look the part. 

It was nearly time to film!  The two directors introduced themselves to Logan and explained what he would be doing.  For the shoot, they would remain inside the special camera vehicle that would be going up and down the road filming Logan.  This special vehicle cost one and a half million pounds!  There were other hand-held cameras, one of which had been used in filming the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies.

Tony, the Assistant Director, was very funny and cracked lots of jokes to put Logan at ease.  In all, they did about 25 takes with Logan doing different things such as running up the road, running down the road, jogging down the road, bouncing the ball up the road, skipping up and down the road etc!  It was quite chilly in between takes and the crew were lovely to Logan; the director let him borrow his jacket.  One of the crew was also helping Logan practise good bouncing techniques, as Logan had to be careful not to bounce the ball on the mirrors or they might crack!

At the end of the shoot, all the crew made a lovely fuss of Logan and he thanked them for a great afternoon.  It was such an interesting and positive experience!”

Blog by Victoria Brewer