A Little Respect

WORLD PREMIER-  Hungry Wolf VYT to début a gritty and exciting new piece of writing: ‘A Little Respect’, the play deals with teen themes such as rumours, homophobia, sexual orientation, mental health and drug use.  A special feature of the play is that is tackles these difficult but relevant subjects, in an inspiring, informative and patronising way.

When describing the style of the piece, writer and director Dave Jackson said, ‘think SKINS meets GONE GIRL with a bit of GLEE thrown in!’ What first appears to be a traditional piece of situation comedy quickly becomes something sharper and more sophisticated, as the stereotypes we are presented are flip-reversed.  It is a stark story of stolen kisses, adolescence, cruelty and cyber revenge that keeps you guessing until the final thrillingly hilarious scene.  Its a shot in the arm for youth theatre’

Tickets are £10 and are available from marlboroughtheatre.org.uk and brightonfringe.org