Itopia #welcometothefuture

The Advanced Academy along with the Advanced Classes from Brighton and Bexhill have been collaborating with Theatre Workshop Tutors to devise a series of thought provoking pieces based  what they think the consequences are of the progression made in this 21st century world. 

As life has progressed to the 21st Century society has seen and experienced many changes, inventions and a whole new perspective on life, gone are the days where hanging out meant meeting up with friends for coffee, going to the park or even standing around on street corners, we know hang out in cyberspace with ‘google’ or ‘skype’ as the location.  Itopia is a collection of thoughts and ideas depicting the effects these developments are having on human nature. 

iTOPIA can be seen at The Old Market, Hove 16 June 2013 7pm

Tickets are available from: