Individual Singing Lessons Are Offered

Individual singing lessons are offered, with the possibility to study for graded singing exams using the GUILDFORD SCHOOL OF ACTING AND MUSICAL THEATRE SYLLABUS, giving your child the opportunity to further develop their confidence as solo singers.

These extra classes are particularly helpful for students who wish to audition for roles in our productions and to compete in festivals and fully achieve their full potential. The individual attention from private singing classes speeds up the progress that would take longer to achieve in the group work.

Styles of singing from ‘pop’ to ‘musical theatre’ through to ‘classical’ are taught. All aspects of good technique are covered including posture, breathing, extending the vocal range, support, musicianship and vocal health. Advice on suitable repertoire is given and everything is geared to creating a good all round performer with a sound vocal technique.

All of our teachers are experienced vocal coaches and work regularly with performers across the world.